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Innovative solutions for health and well-being
Leading European distributor of biophysical
quantum technologies and devices

Discover the fascinating world
of quantum bioenergetic technologies
to achieve better health and holistic well-being


Since 1999, Xede International has distributed the latest quantum bioenergetic technologies and devices and provided training and support to practitioners.

Quantum analysis and therapy provides an increasingly popular way to detect and correct both physical and mental imbalances and disorders, in most cases at the root of illness and discomfort. Today's technology allows us to offer extraordinarily powerful tools for both practitioners and individuals alike that open up a whole new world of natural, non-invasive and effective healing.

As scientific research into these technologies continues, Xede International offers you the possibility of breaking away from conventional medecine to discover the exceptional self-healing abilities of the human body and how we are intimately linked to the world that surrounds us.


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NES Health NES Health
LIFE system LIFE system
Quantum Life™
app for smartphones & tablet PCs
Quantum Life app<br>
				             pour iPhone/iPad
Smart Breathe™
Breathing trainer
Dispositif Smart Breathe™
Metatron Metatron
Alfa Alfa
Triomed Triomed
TsT-GEO Tst-géo
Kaqun Gel
extremely high oxygen content gel
Gel Kaqun


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