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    Innovative solutions
    for health and well-being
    Innovative technology
    & quantum biofeedback solutions

Quantum health technologies

Powerful energy analysis and therapy with the leading solutions for both private and professional use: Life system, NES Health and Insight Health.

Solutions for protection and therapy

Discover products that will tell you more about your state of health, help you improve it and protect you from dangerous environmental disturbances.

Stay healthy day in, day out

Simple but effective products to help you lead a healthier life every day.



Discover the Genius Insight app, complete bioenergetic analysis and therapy on your smartphone

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New technology

Discover the Aquatone

The exciting new device that restructures the water molecules in your body to speed recovery.

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Have you tried Kaqun gel yet?

The world's only hyperoxygenated gel based on molecular modification.More...

A forward-looking, holistic approach to health and well-being

Xede has offered the best quantum bioenergy technologies on the market since 1999, helping both traditional and alternative health professionals provide non-invasive, innovative therapy to their patients and clients. Today we offer solutions that address both the professional and private spheres, for all those who wish to help themselves and others take charge of their health and well-being in a responsible, holistic and natural manner.