About us

Xede International

Pioneers in quantum health technologies

XEDE International AB is based in Stockholm, Sweden and was created in 1999 by Mimmi and Bertil Weyde. As pioneers in the market, we introduced quantum health technologies into France, Scandinavia and Germany.

Our work is based on a strong personal passion for health and well-being and we seek to encourage work and life that is in harmony with the environment through natural methods. Our extensive experience and knowledge in this area means we can offer you competent advice and support.

Our aim

Our objective is to encourage and stimulate a better general understanding of health, illness and healing within a global holistic approach. We regularly organize information and training sessions in France and Scandinavia to achieve this, as well of course as distribute the leading technologies in quantum health.

Mimmi Lögdberg Weyde, Director

Mimmi Weyde is an accredited physiotherapist from the Karolinska institute in Stockholm. In addition to her activity as a physiotherapist, Mimmi was also responsible for many years for the training and re-education department of a major healthcare center in Stockholm.

Her studies include research methodology and a unique double-blind study on 200 patients covering the use of laser therapy on muscular and tendon inflammation. As Director of Xede International, she is primarily responsible for training and therapist support.

Bertil Weyde, President

Bertil Weyde has a Masters in Engineering from the Royal Tehcnology Institute in Stockholm. Over the years he has created several engineering companies and was responsible for several worldwide engineering design projects.

He has extensive knowledge of electronics and IT technology, as well as considerable experience of marketing, sales and management. Ha has published several works on electronics and energetic medecine and took part in a cancer research project in the USA.

At XEDE International, he handles technical support, sales and international relations.

Our partner

tst-fieldsOur online shop Xede Store is operated by our partner, CFT Distribution, and is a quick, reliable and simple way for our customers to buy the products and innovative technologies that we offer.

For more information on Xede Store, please email info@xedestore.com or visit the store directly.